5 Services To Help Grow Twitter Followers

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If you are looking for help on how to grow twitter followers in an effective and time-saving way then you will want to read our review of 5 of the top online Twitter services to do exactly that: Grow Your Twitter Followers.

Social media is the new SEO. If you are not actively gaining traction with the major social media networks including twitter you are losing ground to everyone else who does each and every day.

Grow Twitter FollowersThis means instead of ranking your website on a high page rank you will likely end up toward the bottom. Why? Because Google places a large emphasis on social media and your sites related to it (Especially it’s own services) for SEO ranking in particular.

In general, you should at least be trying to grow your twitter followers once a day to see real results. Automated tools & services can help with this process a lot.


How To Increase Your Twitter Followers


Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself before signing up for any twitter follower growth service.

  • Is the twitter service safe to use for my SEO efforts?
  • Have past users of the service effectively grown their Twitter followers?
  • What specific methods does this twitter service use to increase your followers? Is twitter ok with these?
  • What are the overall user reviews for this service? Are people happy?
  • What does this service charge to grow twitter followers?

Now that we got that out of the way let’s start to Grow some Twitter Followers!

How To Grow Twitter Followers1. Rewst

Rewst is a well-known service that helps people grow twitter followers. When you sign up for Rewst you will be shown a dashboard along with a chart that allows you to literally watch your Twitter followers grow in real time.

Don’t expect overnight results however with Rewst because while it is a white hat social media tool it will take a little effort and time to begin to see real results after using the tools the service offers.

And as with everything in SEO land providing quality content is the key.  Using Rewst will allow you to focus more on content creation and not on the other more time-consuming methods that are usually involved with growing twitter followers.

The key is user engagement and Rewst gives you all the tools to make it happen with tools such as helping to copy other’s twitter followers so they, in turn, follow you back.

Using the copy twitter followers tool is one of the more effective methods when looking to grow your twitter followers.

There are 3 areas that Rewst categorizes for the user to focus on for growing twitter followers. And they Are:


How To Gain More Followers On TwitterThe Growth page gives you tools such as the Copy Friends tool which help you follow the same people from someone else.

There is also a keywords tool so you can do search based queries on a keyword and match these to other twitter accounts.


The engagement tools include an uploader which you can adjust to a set schedule for your tweets and images.

And a search tool to find the content that is relevant to you.


The Collections page has tools such as Create which is used to generate groups of tweets together.

Collect allows you to gather all of your best and recent tweets into single collections.

The cost for the Rewst service is $15 a month which sound good for what you are getting. And with this plan, you get an

Get Twitter Followers FastUnlimited Twitter Account

300 Followers a Day

1000 Unfollows a Day

And up to 5 Team members.

They also have a yearly subscription for $150 while this is a lot more you will save $30 per year.

My suggestion would be to sign up for the Monthly subscription to try it out and if you like it grab the $150 plan a month or two later for the extra savings.

Rewst is a safe tool to use because it places daily limits on your account. In other words, the tool will not allow you to get crazy with over tweeting which in turn could cause an SEO penalty to kick in or worse a Twitter suspension.

The creators of Rewst claim that the service has been evaluated by twitter and there were given the green light for people to use the tools.

Increase Twitter FollowersOne of the main strategies Rewst uses to increase your followers is to simply follow other twitter users so they will follow you back.

Doing this manually on Twitter can take forever if you follow hundreds of Twitter users each day. But with Rewst the tool enables you to do the same amount of following in mere minutes. A big time saver!

One of the better features of Rewst is that it allows you to filter out the twitter followers that are not relevant to your business or goals and focus on copying the followers that are related to your specific niche and marketing strategy.

Targeting your followers correctly is key to successfully grow a twitter account and Rewst allows you to do exactly that.

2. Valet Social

Get More Twitter Followers

If you are looking for a robust set of twitter tools Valet Social offers a lot.

What you are getting is more than just tools though Valet is a virtual team that works with you and even provides a list of highly focused twitter accounts for you to follow.

Once you connect your Twitter account to Valet Social you provide them with a few niche twitter accounts that are related to yours.

How To Get More Followers On TwitterValet will then send you new lists every day for you to follow and then your twitter followers will start growing.

Valet uses a proven strategy and their package consists of as many as 10 follows and 20 unfollows each day.

When starting out you really don’t need any more than this or you might alert the anti-spam twitter bots which could potentially suspend your twitter account.

For an automated solution to help you grow twitter followers Valet Social might just do the trick.

Obtaining traffic on Twitter is a fairly simple formula and takes 3 basic steps.


  1. Liking other twitter accounts
  2. Commenting on these exact same twitter accounts
  3. Posting content on your twitter account in which people engage with

How To Get Followers On TwitterOne of the best features of Valet Social are the lists emailed to you every day which are high quality curated accounts.

Because of this, you will find a much higher follow back rate. This alone will save countless hours and makes Valet worth the price of admission.

Perhaps the best feather of Valet Social is the cost also. Coming in as one of the cheaper Grow Twitter Follower tools and services at just $10 a month.

If you are serious about your website or brand internet presence perhaps it is time to get serious about your Twitter marketing. Valet social does just that for you.

3. Fiverr

increase twitter followers

Ok, let’s get this out of the way. Fiverr is an affordable way to outsource just about any project over the internet.

And starting out at just $5 per completed project it just does not get any better than that. So let’s dive into how to grow twitter followers specifically on Fiverr.

how to get more twitter followers fastWhen you type in grow twitter follower in Fiverrs search box you will see a ton of results pop up on the page related to exactly this.

For $5 here are a few gigs and what they state they will perform for you:

“I Will Tweet Your Message To My 300,000 Loyal Followers On Twitter With Proof”

Impressive! Here is another gig for $5.

“I Will Tweet Your Message To My 150,000 Fitness Twitter Followers”

and another:

“I Will Tell 350,000 People To Follow You On Twitter”

If you ask me it looks like we just found the holy grail of gaining twitter followers.

One freelancer with a 5.0 rating claims the following for $10

how to get a lot of followers on twitterI will provide 1000 Twitter Followers

There are 100% real verified USA followers with a quick delivery.

Here is another 5.0 rated freelancer on Fivrr stating:

I Will Promote You On My Verified Twitter Account With 51k Followers however this one is a little more at $40. Still 51K followers?

I guess if you need instant followers then Fivrr might be the way to go but growing your following organically might still be best in the eyes of the major search engines such as Google.

Also using the Twitter growth tool and services such as Rewst or Valet Social could be a safer bet in the long run.

4.  AutoTweets

How To Increase Twitter Followers

This twitter service targets the more progressive income orientated type individuals who prefer automation. What did I just say?

In other words, AutoTweets is a tool or service designed to grow your twitter followers in a way that will make you money in as little as putting in 1 minute a day into it.

Are you serious? Can this be for real? Let’s find out if there is any truth or not to this.

Grow Twitter FollowersThe other thing that is great about this twitter service is it states no website or even a product is required to generate income.

AutoTweets is a set and forget method of producing income. The system claims do to all of the grunt or legwork for you.

What Autotweets basically does is share content with your Twitter followers by the minute.

Updated twitter followers are happy twitter followers or so the theory goes.

Auto-tweets comes with a step-by-step guide to get you on the path to producing passive income.

Once you sign up, getting everything set up takes around 1 day to start earning passive income via twitter.

So how does AutoTweets work?

This tool or system focuses on your niche market and shows you exactly how to grow twitter followers.

AutoTweets will then share your affiliate links and promote products that are targeted at solving problems for your niche.

How To Get FollowersThe service comes with a

  • Dedicated server
  • Fully automated updates and news
  • A step-by-step guide to the unique “Set and Forget it system”

The great thing about this twitter service is that it features highly tailored automation feeds for your niche and are served directly to your audience.

Another bonus is you will need little technical skills to get started using this twitter income generator.

Auto-tweets has the potential to generate a passive income online.

5. TweetDis

How To Get More Followers

If you are looking to grow twitter followers and you happen to use WordPress then TweetDis may be the solution you are looking for.

TweetDis is a plugin that inspires people who visit your site to tweet your content. How cool is that?

It mainly focuses on Tweetable Quotes:

How To Gain Followers On TwitterThe way it basically works it that your visitors will tweet your actual content for you.

If you give your users something good to tweet such as a smart idea, a catchy phrase or a Quote or neat statistic this will give your followers the incentive of tweeting your content for you.

The entire premise behind the TweetDis WordPress plugin is to get more tweets and then the traffic will follow.

Social influence on website rankings matter more now than ever and when people share your content Google takes notice and rewards your SEO accordingly.

When you provide a certain type of content to your users such as statistics and quotes they have a tendency to want to share this information.

Gain Twitter FollowersSome of the plugins features include:

  • 11 Design templates to choose from
  • Different Font Sizes
  • Vertical Margin
  • Call to Actions

You can customize the text with several options such as color, background, and highlight.

Another feature of the plugin is it makes yours images tweetable along with 6 templates to customize to your liking.

Some of the good points to this twitter tool and plugin are:

  • Good tool to get more people to tweet
  • Very easy to use and has a simple setup
  • Free updates and has customer support

I hope you found something useful here and good luck on growing those twitter followers!

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