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If you are someone who’s been working with social media for any length of time I’m sure you’re aware of the huge time commitment involved to keep your social media accounts up to date and posted with fresh content.

Because of this several social media automation services have popped up along the way to help people like you spend less time with the more repetitive and tedious tasks such as posting content manually and finding new users to follow.

One such popular social automation tool is called Social Jukebox. This service specializes in helping to schedule your social media posts to help take away the many time-consuming tasks involved in keeping your social accounts active.

social media jukeboxNot only this but Social Jukebox will help you to manage your content on your social media accounts automatically for as little as $19.99 a month. This might be a worthwhile investment if it helps you to save a lot of time, so let’s find out if it is.

The base account option gives you 10 jukeboxes for each of your social media accounts, up to 50,000 stored posts and 50 targeted posts per account. This option also will allow you to work with up to 3 social media sites.

The way social jukebox allows you to save time is by loading your Jukeboxes up with the content of your choosing and posting them automatically from anywhere from 1 to 100 times per day. You can also set schedules for each day of the week.

Social Jukebox also has a nice feature called Thank You tweets which will thank the people who interact with your Twitter account thus helping you to save time and the best part about this feature is it’s 100% automatic.

social media cards around the worldIf you have content that you would like to re-post frequently you will want your followers to have a good chance of seeing it. This is where your Social Jukebox shines the most, with their post scheduling feature. You will be able to get the content out to your followers as often as you want and with little effort on your part.

Social Jukebox also has another powerful Twitter feature call dimensions. This tool will automatically find all of the mentions of your Twitter account and then place them in a graph for you to visualize. This also allows you to see who your top re-tweeters are and it also measures how many people saw each piece of your content and how far it’s spread in the Twitterverse.

social media catch phrasesLearning Social Jukebox is a breeze also because after you sign up you will have access to a 30-minute orientation video that will show just about everything you need to know to help get the most out of the service.

So what are other users of Social Jukebox saying? This social media service has been mentioned in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Social Media Examiner and Small Business Trends to name a few so they have to have something going right, I’m sure.

So if you’re spending too much time posting content on your social media accounts, replying to your followers, then maybe it’s time to give Social Jukebox a go. This service can literally free up hours each day and with a 14-day free trial, there’s no better time to start automating your posts and gaining back those lost precious hours in your life today!

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