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If you’re looking to take your social media marketing to the next level there is an innovative and award-winning piece of software called Social Engine. This powerful service enables people like you to build their own advanced social web pages and even an entire social network with a simple and easy to use builder.

Social Engine has helped to create over 25,000 social websites and it’s also helped connect a countless number of people around the world together. If you have ever dreamed of running your own Facebook-type service you’re going to love Social Engine.

With the ability to choose from many of the leading features that are available on major social networks today you can add these to your own custom social website. There are several social sharing plugins to choose from and with these, you will be able to easily setup a Pinterest type site in no time at all to share photos or design a Reddit type clone which will enable you to create discussion groups like a pro.

Social Engine’s cloud-based service includes a large selection of add-ons where you can customize your own social web page and network to whatever you like. Think of their social software as the WordPress for social media!

Whether you’re creating a video sharing site or a picture sharing network, Social Engine can help to transform your web presence into virtually any professional type social media network with no coding or expertise required!

Social Engine has won the People’s Choice Award for the best social network software in 2015 and 16 which speaks for itself. If you are in the business of wanting to connect to people and have total control without having to abide by someone else’s social network rules there may be no better tool than Social Engine to develop a fast top-tier custom user social experience.

Social Engine also has many success stories from its customers to back it up. There are some major players in the market that use Social Engine to help power their brands including organizations like NASA, Apple, Shell, MasterCard and more!

There is also the option of hosting your social network on your own server or just have Social Engine do most of the work for you in their cloud. If you decide to host your own you simply download the software with full access to their knowledge base and PHP code, as well as the many plugins available to get you up and running fast.

If you subscribe to Social Engine they will host your social site on a fully scalable server will the ability to expand as your network grows. Also, you’ll have access to video tutorials to get you going quickly and to help get the most out of your social website setup.

So what are others saying about Social Engine? Google Play currently has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating and Facebook has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating. Overall the user reviews appear to be above average. So if you’re looking to grow your message beyond just a simple blog or a forum perhaps it’s time to give the leading social media creation software today a try! Go ahead and create your new online community and customize it the way you want and give your brand a boost that will reach around the world! 

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