Rewst Review: Grow Your Twitter Followers in Half the Time

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Today we’re going to review the popular Twitter tools and following service called Rewst. They claim to give you the strategies and tools required to expand your Twitter followers fast.

Let’s find out exactly what they offer and if they can really deliver on this promise and if it’s worth the bang for the buck. There’s no denying that Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool for your brand and even bottom line. There are countless success stories of people and companies successfully using Twitter as part of their online marketing and growth strategy.

When you sign up for Rewst you will be presented with the what they call the growth dashboard. What this essentially is, is a snapshot of all of your Twitter activity in an easy to understand chart and graph layout.

The growth dashboard will provide you with all of the important metrics required to stay on top of your Twitter accounts and in a much more effective manner versus if you were doing these same tasks manually.

Not only this but with the statistics the dashboard display allows you to obtain a much larger view of just how successful your Twitter strategies are working. Rewst claims they’re going to help your Twitter accounts grow so how exactly do they do this?

One of the more popular Twitter strategies out there is called “copy followers strategy” Rewst claims to help you find the users who are the most interested and engaged with your specific content and this is vital. Rewst also makes sure that this does not appear as spam to Twitter by setting daily limits on your account.

Another powerful feature of Rewst is the unfollow tool. This allows you to track everyone who you followed but who is not following you back.  With this information, you can easily unfollow the unengaged Twitter users that are not providing any value to your Twitter channel.

Rewst claims to be cheaper than Twitter advertising itself while also delivering overall better results. This is a bold claim indeed but if there is any truth to it then Rewst might be the best Twitter management toolset on the planet for the cost. The Rewst yearly subscription comes in at $150 while not exactly cheap you do get an entire year.

The annual subscription covers an unlimited number of Twitter accounts, gives you as many as 300 follows a day and up to 1,000 unfollows a day. This plan also allows you to sign up five of your team members and co-workers and also comes with an additional two-month bonus for free.

Rewst also has a monthly subscription plan if you want to try out the service first before locking in for the long term. The monthly plan comes in at $15 a month. The plan covers unlimited Twitter accounts and gives you the same amount of followers a day at 300 as well as unfollowing up to 1000 accounts per day.

With the ability to sign up to five members of your organization also if needed to help you get the most out of the service. There’s also a member only forum or you will have full access to other users of Rewst to learn and discuss the various strategies that are working with ways to increase your twitter followers.

Rewst claims to be able to deliver all of these tools to grow twitter followers while also staying 100% Twitter compliant. This is very important because if your Twitter account is banned it would kind of defeat the entire purpose to begin and also potentially limit your social media marketing efforts in the future.

Here are some of the tools that Rewst provides for you with their Growth tools:

You will find Fans which will track all of the followers who are not following you back.

Then there is the Copy Friends tool this will enable you to follow the same people that are following somebody else.

Next is the Unfollowers tool. This will list your old followers and who have decided to unfollow you.

Rewst also has the New Followers tool which will show you all of the people who have recently followed you.

There is the Keywords tool that allows you to search all of the Twitter accounts based off of keywords and search phrases.

The Non-followers tool will list everyone you have followed that have not followed you back.

If you are looking for a super nice shortcut to grow your twitter followers Rewst has the Copy Followers tool. This awesome tool will allow you to copy followers from other Twitter accounts that have similar content to your own.

Next is the Suggestions tool which will display to you the accounts that Twitter thinks you should follow.

And last but not least under the growth tools set for Rewst there is the Inactive Friends tool. This will show you all of the people you are following but haven’t tweeted anything lately.

Now let’s take a look at the Rewst Engage tools:

The first tool here is the Uploader tool which will allow you to quickly upload your images to Twitter via scheduling. Talk about a Time Saver!

Then there is the Tweet tool from Rewst. With this, you can schedule your tweets at any time that is convenient for you. Plus you can include up to 4 images with each tweet.

With the Schedulers tool, Rewst will calculate the best times to engage your audience with your tweets and will also schedule them accordingly.

Then there’s the RSS importer tool which will enable you to import your tweets from any RSS feed easily.

There is also the Search tool and this will allow you to find related content posted by others on Twitter.

Last but least there is a small subset of tools under the Collections category:

This first one is the Create tool and this will allow you to create entirely new collections of tweets.

There is the Collect tool which allows you to collect all your recent tweets and your top tweets all from one place.

Next up is the Share tool and this enables you to create widgets for your website and also schedule tweets with a link to your collections.

As you can see Rewst provides many twitter growth tools under all 3 of these categories: Growth, Engage and Collections. One of the best things about the Rewst tools is that they are 100% compliant with the Twitter’s terms and service if you use them correctly.

So as long as you’re following the Twitter terms of service yourself you have no reason to fear of being banned by Twitter. If you’re looking for a potentially explosive way to expand your Twitter following Rewst could be the answer for you.

With an affordable monthly plan that covers an unlimited number of Twitter accounts you really can’t go wrong with at least trying this growth Twitter service.

If Twitter is an important part of your marketing strategy. So what are some of the other reviewers of Rewst saying about their tools?

On Review Boss, Rewst has a 4.3 rating out of 5 stars. On another review site, the “unrivaled review” Rewst has a 9.4 rating out of 10 Stars.

I have yet to read anything bad about Rewst and most of the online reviews for this Twitter following service look legit.

Whatever route you decide to take to increase your Twitter followers if you’re running into a roadblock and the followers are coming in too slow you might want to give Rewst a try.

Good luck with your Twitter growth efforts!

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