Revive Social Review: WordPress Plugins for Social Media Growth

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If you run your website on WordPress and are looking to take your social media growth to the next level you may want to check out the popular social media WordPress plugins from Revive Social. With powerful features to help automate your social marketing, this software is designed to take many of the tedious tasks involved in managing your social media accounts.

With options such as blog post scheduling across multiple social media sites and comprehensive social media click tracking. One of the most powerful features of Revive Social is that it lets you share content from your competitor’s website into your own social media accounts to help attract new followers while also engaging your existing ones. Best of all you don’t even need to create the content revive social does the work for you.

If that’s not enough they also have a plug-in that will repost your old articles automatically so your past content will drive more traffic to your social channels. Once you set this up it’s on autopilot and you will never have to manually repost an older article.

With 2 separate plugins to choose from Revive Social has the Revive Network plugin also which helps you grow your social channel on Twitter and Facebook with customized scheduling, RSS feed support, and personalized templates. Keeping your social media accounts active and engaged has never been easier with the Revive Network plugin.

The other WordPress plugin Revive Old Post helps to keep your older content running and fresh in people’s minds. It does this by sharing your content with whatever schedule you choose and on any of the major social networks with features such as automatic hashtags, click tracking and more.

With over 82,000 sites already using Revive Social, it has to have something good going for it. Social Media can no longer be ignored today as its reach is just too great and even better than organic traffic for a lot of sites out there. So you are probably wondering so how much do these powerful social media WordPress plugins cost?

If you run one site it’s $75 a year and this includes support for up to 50 social media accounts, free support and updates, custom share messages, featured images and custom post types. If you are a power online marketer with multiple brands or sites they also have business and marketing plans for all the way up to unlimited domains but of course, this comes at a higher cost.

So if you’re the type of person who dreads the daily tasks of manually having to keep all of your social media accounts active. The Revive Social WordPress plugins can help put your accounts on autopilot while also growing them at the same time. Now if only there was a plugin for everything else in life to help take out the grind.

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