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Are you looking to boost your social media account growth rates? Do you simply find that you do not have enough time to manage more than Facebook and Twitter, so you are basically ignoring the other 5 or 6 other major social networks?

The average web publisher today simply cannot keep up with staying active and grow on all of the big social sites not to even mention youtube. If you’re not maximizing the exposure of your content on all of the major social networks such as Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter you’re missing a lot of potential traffic and leads to your website.

What if I told you there is a way to help automate all of these networks and set them up for lightning-fast growth on near autopilot? Well, now you can with the social media service called Jarvee. Say goodbye to the many hours of lost productivity trying to manage your social media accounts. With Jarvee you can do stuff like setting up your content to auto-post across all networks, follow and unfollow other users automatically and a whole lot more.

Anyone who is active on social media knows that scheduling your posts in advance can be a huge time-saver. Jarvee will make sure your posts appear on the networks that matter the most and at the best times when users are most active. Not only that but their post scheduler works across all 7 of the major social networks.

Jarvee provides a lot of automation features and tools tailored for each network. The service claims they can grow your accounts 10 times faster than by doing some of these redundant social media tasks yourself daily. Jarvee also claims your website traffic will increase from the new followers you’ll get just by using their service.

Jarvee says their social software is safe to use and will not harm your social media accounts when used correctly. Jarvee runs under Windows 10 as an active process in the background in order to run in real time as a 24/7 marketing machine. 

They are currently running a trial where you can try Jarvee free for 5 days. Sounds like a good deal for a full featured all-in-one social media automation platform. Right?

On their website, they also have step by step online video tutorials of how to set up Jarvee quickly and help get the most out of it.

The power of their software seems to lie in the auto-scheduling of your posts as well as auto following and unfollowing relevant active users on the major social networks which is a sure fire way to help all of your social media accounts to grow.

Tired of adding hashtags to your posts manually? Jarvee will even help you do this on autopilot. Are you worried about posting the same content too frequently? Jarvee will spin some of your older posts to help them appear fresh. Jarvee also allows for importing your content through RSS feeds. Additional features include auto liking other people’s content, auto retweets and tools for finding the right groups to join just to name a few.

So what are others saying about Jarvee? The Smart Affiliate Success Blog gives Jarvee a 95% rating and Product Hut gave the service a 5 out 5-star review. 

With the 5-day free trial and their lowest monthly plan coming in at under $20 if you consider yourself a full-time web publisher it definitely looks like Jarvee can help take your social media followers and engagement rates to the next level.

Could this lead to more traffic on your website? Of course, it can. So if you’re sitting on a lot of fresh content and just don’t have the time every day to share it with the world on social media Jarvee looks like it could be a great way to help get the job done with a hell of a lot less effort.

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