10 Great Ways To Grow Your Twitter Followers

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If you are looking for how to Grow Your Twitter Followers then you are going to want to read these tips!

Ignoring Twitter today for your online marketing strategy is no longer an option. Twitter all in itself is capable of helping you to build a powerful brand while also allowing you to connect with your customers as well as generating new leads.

how to get more followers and likes on twitterThe good news is it is not hard to setup your twitter account and practice a few proven methods in order to start growing your twitter follower base today.

1. Tweet Relevant Content

One mistake that some new twitter marketers do is over tweet. What I mean by this is you do not want to tweet your entire product catalog if you running an e-commerce store nor do you want to tweet 10 sentences an hour.

Try to tweet content that is exciting and engaging to potential customers and that also shows them something about your product or service that may be useful to them.

how do you increase your twitter followers2. Follow More People

As simple as this sounds many online businesses do not put in enough time into finding and following the right type of twitter accounts for their industry.

For instance, you are going to want to follow just about every influential brand and category in your chosen niche in order to get the maximum benefit back out of Twitter.

So get started today and try and find new and highly relevant twitter accounts to follow. You will be amazed at how just doing this a few minutes a day can have on the impact of gaining new Twitter followers.

3. Send Images along with your Tweets

This is a powerful tactic. People are more likely to respond and read a tweet that contains the right image. Don’t just throw up an image with your tweet. Write a few powerful words to go along with your image in photoshop and then upload it. If the message is meaningful people will love your picture and even save it to their computer.

how to get more twitter followers for my business4. Place a Follow Button on your website

Be sure to place a large twitter follow button on your blog or website that is above the fold.

You will be surprised how many people will click your twitter button which is a great way to help not let a potential customer get away.

Because once they follow your twitter account every time you tweet something new they will have a good chance of reading it. Can you say Cha-ching?

5. Use the Free twitter tools

With so many great free Twitter tools & apps available online and in the App stores to help you grow and manage your twitter account. You should use some of the more popular ones like Crowdfire and Tweepi. These will save time and also enable you to grow followers in ways you just can’t when doing some of these tasks manually.

6. Tweak your Twitter bio

This may sound simple but your Twitter Bio is like the Giant Sign of a big box retail store. Would you just venture into any store with a really crappy sign that you have never been to? I think not.

If it’s ugly and unimaginative then you just lost half of your potential followers right off the bat and it could even reflect negatively on your brand.

how to get more likes and followers on twitter

So it’s not surprising that it’s a challenge to get your Twitter Bio right in just under 160 characters. Make sure that you upload a real picture of you or your brand logo in your Twitter bio picture. Otherwise, people might think it is just a fake account and that is the last thing you want.

You also will want to use some creative wording in the Bio itself. Try using a Twitter Bio Generator if you are having a hard time deciding which words to use. These are useful and can save a lot of time trying to think of the right colorful words to include in your Twitter Bio.

7. Place URLs in your Tweets

You are going to want to place links in your tweets. Tweets with links get used a lot more than tweet without. Of course, you will not be able to put a link in every tweet plus that would not look natural. But whenever you can it’s best to include a relevant link. Tweets with links get noticed and used more.

how to gain more twitter followers for business8. Take part in Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a good way to meet with your followers and find out who they are and what they want and on a more personal level.

Once you make that connection via chat your customers are a lot more likely to follow you back in return.

9. Ask your current email subscribers

If you currently have an email list and send our periodic emails then why not ask your customers to follow you on twitter?

This can work like a charm for getting more twitter followers and especially if your list is large.

how to start getting followers on twitter10. Engage with other Twitter Users

Instead of selfishly promoting your own Twitter content all the time try commenting on your competitors Twitter pages for a change. When you add value to their comments there is a good chance that they will follower you back!

I hope you enjoyed these 10 simple tips to help you gain more twitter followers.

There are plenty of other ways to help gain new Twitter followers but these methods should help to get you started on a path to a large Twitter audience.

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